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Highlights by tag "classic"

Multi-Million Dollar Classic Maserati Crashed During a Historic Drive-by...

6 yrs ago

Jaguar Xj220 Wrecked in France

7 yrs ago

65 Year Old Driver Was Killed After His Classic Muscle Car Slammed Into a...

8 yrs ago

During a Classic Car Show, a Lady Lost Control of Her Lexus And Plowed Into Two...

8 yrs ago

This Classic Beauty Was Completely Destroyed by an Idiot Who Thought it Would be...

9 yrs ago

This Classic Ferrari, Worth up to $8 Million, Crashed Into a Tire Wall During a...

10 yrs ago

This Expensive Classic Car Crashed on Its Way Back From a Car Show...

12 yrs ago

This Terrible Accident Happened Right After a Car Show. The Owner of All These...

14 yrs ago

You're Looking at a Car That Was Worth Almost $1 Million. This Photo Was Taken...

15 yrs ago

Crashed During The "Tour de Espana Classic" in November 2003...

16 yrs ago
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